Inspired to Inspire for a Living

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the California Womens Conference in Long Beach, thanks to a last minute invitation from my friends at Habitat for Humanity of Greater LA. It was awesome and I’ve been thinking about the experience all day. It got me thinking about how much more I want to do and how I need to put it out into the universe so it can happen.

I want to be able to travel the world and speak for a living. I want to inspire others and be inspired by those I meet. It would be a dream come true to make a living by speaking, sharing ideas and writing. And mentoring others would be icing on the cake.

This may sound weird but every time I get a new legal pad to write on, it makes me feel so full of promise and possibilities, like it’s just waiting for me to fill it’s clean, white pages with all my fantastic thoughts and big ideas! That is how the Womens Conference made me feel and so now I must get to work on my new dreams!