Fundraising in Trying Times

I have the pleasure of working with two great non-profits here in Los Angeles and trust me when I say that this is a tough time for donations.  That’s why this fundraiser I am promoting for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles & Hollywood for Habitat is so amazing.  We actually got some huge names from music, film and TV to sign hardhats and we are auctioning them off starting today through March 6th.

We are talking about my all time favorite band U2, Green Day, Stevie Wonder, Carrie Underwood, Miley Cyrus and way more!  This is going to be 2 weeks of fun work, I just know social media and fans will fuel the success of this…and isn’t amazing that we can all pull together something so special for such a worthy cause? 

I love my job.  What are you waiting for…go bid!   Follow Habitat on Twitter for bid updates!


Mary Tyler Moore, You’re the Original Power Woman!

Power Women, Power Tools 2007

Power Women, Power Tools 2007

This Friday and Saturday is one of my favorite Habitat events called Power Women, Power Tools.  We seriusly get hundreds of women in pink t’s and hard hats out to a location to build homes and we have the best time.  This year is our biggest yet, nearly 300 women expected and it’s been extended to 2 days.  For anyone who knows me, you know how much I love working with Habitat for Humanity so this you know I am having a great time preparing for it.  We are expecting a lot of media (yay I am earning my keep) and some talented and powerful women.

I’ll post photos as soon as I can. For anyone who would be interested in participating in this event next year, we can’t do it without sponsors so please contact me and help us build more homes and spread the word!

Habitat for Humanity Supporter is featured “Cool Kid of the Week” on KABC 7 This Week!

Please tune into KABC 7 this Thursday, June 19 for their 4 pm news broadcast!  Natalie Millman is a bright, amazing young lady who attends La Serna High in Whittier and is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity’s Youth United Program

Read about how she raises money playing viola during lunch break to support Habitat.  And if you can’t tune in Thursday, set your Tivo or visit KABC online for the video archive!

Everyone Can Make a Difference, Change a Life

So on the heels of an awesome weekend in which I celebrated homeownership with 14 Habitat Families on Saturday, I am preparing to celebrate a really cool kid tomorrow.  Last March we learned about a student at a local high school who was using her Viola to earn money for Habitat for Humanity.  She graciously wrote a blog post for the Habitat blog and we received tons of emails and calls about how great people thought she was.

Well, we decided to sumbit her as ABC’s “Cool Kid of the Week.”  And 2 1/2 months later, we got a call and she has been selected!  So tomorrow we will be at her high school to interview her with KABC news.  I am inspired and touched on a daily basis working for Habitat for Humanity.  It’s such a blessing.

Yes, That’s Me & My Habitat Pals with President Carter – Our Work is Now Done & Families are Moving in!

Late last June a bunch of pink-clad ladies broke ground and began framing on the site you see above.  It was part of our annual Power Women, Power Tools event (this year’s is coming in July.) Then in October/November there were actual buildings as we worked hard during the 2007 Jimmy Carter Work Project and next month, 30 L.A. families will be moving into their brand new homes!  Homes they purchased and helped build in this roller coaster housing market – that is why Habitat for Humanity is so awesome!!!

We will be having 2 block parties in June to celebrate so if you helped build and you want to come celebrate, or better yet, if you’ve never built with us and you want to see what HABITITIS looks like – please email me

TUNE IN: “Hollywood Habitat for Humanity” on DIY Channel – Sunday, May 11th

During last year’s Jimmy Carter Work Project in Los Angeles, DIY was filming a special featuring all our amazing Habitat for Humanity partner families and volunteers from all over the world.  The entire experience was so fulfilling and I can’t wait to see the special.  Nannette Barrutia produced the special for Weller Grossman and I had the privelidge of working with she and her crew all week.   Loved them!

The special is hosted by Amy Matthews & Karl Champley and will show the homes built from the ground up as well as some special homes being repaired as part of Habitat for Humanity’s “A Brush with Kindness” program.

So please set your DVRs or Tune In Live on Sunday, May 11 at 9 pm EDT – or check your local listings.  Incidentally, May 11 is the kick off for this year’s, newly named, Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Work Project in the Gulf Coast.

When was the last time you built with Habitat?  Volunteer today.

Great Biggest Loser Finale Last Night – Way to go Ali!

I loved the Biggest Loser Couples finale last night.  I watched it intently from beginning to end and am so happy to see Ali win it, just like she imagined it.  But that said, I was floored by Roger and Kelly’s results…big WOW!!!  And did you see Dan’s mom?  Great work!

As for my own Biggest Loser, Redondo Beach style, I am doing okay. I have lost most the weight on the way to my goal, but have hit a little wall this week and have slacked off on my workouts.  The diet is just fine, thank God.

So as they say, I am putting my slackiness behind me and tonight I ride (my elyptical that is.)  Were you inspired by the show?  I believe I can do anything now, including completing all my projects today with almost no sleep.  (Had to be in L.A. by 6:15 am for KTLA, but it went great!)