Your Vote DOES Matter!

Please go out and vote on Tuesday, November 4th!  If you can’t stand either presidential candidate, vote for an indepenedent, however please vote because your neighbors and community need your support on the issues that matter to you all…it’s not just about blue and red.

Just vote.


Wrote and Wrote all Week, Just not Here

I have spent this past week writing a ton!  I am exhausted but I just could not let a week go by without posting here.  I have to say it’s been a somber week filled with reflection and acceptance.  The economy is affecting all of us in some way and it’s on all our minds. 

My goal is to turn my love of writing into a sustainable lifestyle very soon, within the next 12 months or sooner.

What Is Your Passion? What Are You Doing About it?

This week I helped a client launch a new musical project he wrote 20 years ago out of pure passion.  It’s a musical adaptation of Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.  When we first discussed the project earlier this year I had not read it or seen a movie version of it (there are several and another possibly coming soon.) But his passion for this project was unmistakable.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this journey and completely proud to be a part of it.  Check it out here.

It got me thinking about my own passion.  There are so many things I’ve always wanted to pursue and yet I always find an excuse to not follow through.  I am 40 now, so when exactly will these get done if I don’t just go for it?

Do you have something on your backburner that you’ve been dying to pursue?  In not now, when?

Monday – A Day Filled with Possibilities

Most Mondays I wake up late and tired, especially during NFL season for today I woke up early, refreshed and full up possibility.  I love doing PR, especially the creative side of it. I love writing and telling stories.  Last week I responded to a media query on HARO and today I have been included in an article about writing.  Pretty cool and full of great ideas.  Read it here.

As I have been going through my list of projects today – a press release, email replies, media pitches – I can’t help but think I am on the brink of something special and amazing. It’s a really good feeling, but the idea hasn’t presented itself clearly yet.

Tonight I am attending a special event at my client Clarita’s studio, presented by fitness icon Kathy Smith.  I am a big fan and looking forward to her presentation.  Perhaps, that is when my big idea is going to materialize?

All About the Service

I was invited to guest blog for my friend and had no idea what I was going to write about until I bought a pair of shoes on  You can read my post at the very entertaining blog by Linda Latta – my oldest friend.  Linda and I have cracked each other up for almost 30 years, which just blows my mind.

My blog was inspired by the great customer service at Zappos and my recent obsession with Twitter. Follow me @LedgeDancer.

Virgin America – The Only Way to Fly Across Country!

Last week I flew to New York for some media with Amy Child Marella, my celebrity florist client. Since she covers my travel I always do my best to find the best airfare. We planned our travel about 3 weeks out and American Airlines was really expensive – about $150 more than all the other carriers, which was kind of surprising. So I went onto Orbitz to compare the others and I had a choice between Delta, US Air, Virgin Air and a few others, all for around $300. So I opted for savings versus miles and went for Virgin America because my gut was telling me it would be a great experience. I was more than right! Thanks, gut.

I seriously made a list on a legal pad through both legs so I would remember all the reasons why I loved this airline! Here are my numerous reasons, in no particular order:
1. Exit rows – there are 2 and one is free (no reclining) but the other is available for a $50 upgrade. DO IT! Keep in mind rows 8 & 9 don’t recline. It wasn’t terrible, but I prefer to recline.
2. Great service. From the captain to the flight crew – wow they love their jobs and you can tell.
3. Free Bottled Water that you can grab anytime. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? In the back by the restrooms, a cooler of bottled water for the taking anytime. Brilliant!
4. TV screens at each seat. You can watch satellite, movies, play games, listen to music and order food! Once you swipe your credit card, the food is delivered to you in minutes.
5. Food choices. Finally, healthy snacks! I had the hummus and the cheese plates. They were awesome.
6. Cool lighting. Purple and pink lighting in the plane – very Vegas. Very Cool mixed with the shiny white seats (very storm-trooperesque.)
7. Recovered from weather delays. Let’s just say we were late both legs due to bad weather and the captain put the pedal to the medal! We made up the time amazingly well.
8. Plugs!!! You can plug in your computer AND an USB plug under your seat! Brilliant!
9. Bathroom Raves – house music (or trance?) in the bathroom had me shaking my ass every time I went.

I am going to book Virgin America first whenever I can! I suggest you give them a try.

Say do you Remember…Dancing in September?

I cannot believe it’s already September.  It feels like just yesterday I was noticing the beautiful jacaranda trees turning purple, dreaming of the summer months to follow.  Now we are less than 24 hours from the first NFL game of the season.  Crazy.

September is sybollic of wonderful change and I am feeling that enthusiasm in my life these days, wondering how to implement the changes necessary to get me to a perfect life/work balance.  Yes, this has much to do with my recent travels abroad where, as my friend Linda so poetically says, they live in color in Europe where as we live in black and white.

I often wonder if I am the only person who feels like there is still more to conquer and learn and that this current path is just one of many in my career, certainly not the last.  So lately I’ve been asking around and it turns out I am not alone. 

I currently love my job.  It’s creative, independent and I adore my clients.  And while it earns me a decent living, it’s not the living, breathing entity I want it to be.  So it’s time for me to think bigger and really hone my skills so that I can provide an important solution for the clients who NEED me.  I am working on it but keep in mind, I just came to this realization last week (Friday, actually.)  But I have always been the person who had the artwork hung on the walls the day I moved into a new place, so trust that it’s in progress.

But I am curious…what are you doing now and what do you hope to be doing next year? Next decade?  Or event next month?  This can’t be all there is.  I know that sounds a little Gen Y, but I am a Gen X gal and I do reserve the right to NOT act my age.

Share your thoughts on this subject, please.