100th Post on a Day of 1000 Tears

I don’t usually get weapy on the Ledge blog, but I am suffering from a broken heart today.  My beloved little Pomeranian rescue, Dusty, had to be put down today.  It was devastating and I am going to miss him terribly.  I am blogging about it for a couple of reaons, one is to help heal my broken heart and the other is to make sure the topic of adopting rescue dogs is out there.

We adopted Dusty in March 2006 knowing full well he was at least 7 and there was no way to know his history.  He had a bum leg and we came to discover he also had Tracheal Collapse, a common ailment in Poms.  The leg never bugged him and the limp he had initially seemed to just disappear.  The collapse was awful…always honking and spitting up, but he dealt with it.

This week he went from normal to dismal in one day.  His heart became enlarged and a lung filled with fluid, making it difficult for him to breathe.  We spent our last day with him just showing how much we loved him and today we made that horrible trip to the vet.

Thankfully, we have another little Pom rescue, which I actually did rescue from traffic, to love on and spoil.  I am a rescue dog owner and always will be.  I would not trade our 4 years with Dusty for anything.  There are so many loving animals out there who need us and I encourage everyone to think Rescue first. Even if you want a specific breed, they are out there!  Although, muts are super lovable, so don’t overlook them.

Happy holidays and please, love on your pets this season and think rescue…always.


Inspired to Inspire for a Living

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending the California Womens Conference in Long Beach, thanks to a last minute invitation from my friends at Habitat for Humanity of Greater LA. It was awesome and I’ve been thinking about the experience all day. It got me thinking about how much more I want to do and how I need to put it out into the universe so it can happen.

I want to be able to travel the world and speak for a living. I want to inspire others and be inspired by those I meet. It would be a dream come true to make a living by speaking, sharing ideas and writing. And mentoring others would be icing on the cake.

This may sound weird but every time I get a new legal pad to write on, it makes me feel so full of promise and possibilities, like it’s just waiting for me to fill it’s clean, white pages with all my fantastic thoughts and big ideas! That is how the Womens Conference made me feel and so now I must get to work on my new dreams!

From the “What the f***!” File

Things that baffle me, in no particular order:

KFC Bowl of Hate – no wonder we are obese and diabetic
Kate Gosselin’s Celebrity?
Everything about The Hills
OctoMom – How did we let this happen?
Pizza Hut pasta in a bowl – refer to item #1
Religious Haters
Californians who voted for a high-speed train but not basic human rights
Californians who won’t admit they voted against basic human rights
Paying ANYTHING to watch Britney Spears lipsync
Not working for yourself
June gloom
Air flight
Al Davis!

This is definitely a working list…feel free to add to it.

If I Had All The Time in the World

I just came across a great post by Rich over at ComicbyComic.com titled “If I Had all the Time in the World” and I loved it.  It inspired me to write my own, what a great idea!

If I had all the time in the world, I’d:

  • Walk my dogs twice a day
  • Exercise more
  • Blog here more
  • Read more books
  • Tweet more
  • Cook great meals for dinner (not every night because I have to eat Sushi a few times a week)
  • Call my friends for no particular reason
  • I’d shower, shave and do my hair every day
  • I’d have launched www.SwapShoppe.net months ago as planned
  • Help all my friends and colleagues with their p.r. and marketing
  • I’d spend more time with my husband where I am not sort of listening while on Twitter

What a nice dream!

When Twitter Sells Itself

A couple weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend, who is new to the social media addiction, and I am going to explain to her how I can help her to raise her profile online because she is, after all the best in her field.  No joke.  But she has no voice out there…just some great Google search results thanks to her stellar clients over the years.  But I am telling her on this gorgeous day, sitting outside at Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach, that she needs to get going with social media!  She is not clueless but just hasn’t taken any steps beyond a Facebook account at this point.

I am taking her through my list and, as is always the case, Twitter is bit tougher to explain as valuable…but I believe so I do my best.  Then it happens…US Air has an emergency landing on New York’s Hudson River (which used to be my view when I lived in Battery Park city, but I digress) and I receive a tweet about it from my friend and PR guru @Skydiver at 12:56 pm PST.  I share the news and we have a moment of sadness because we naturally and unfortunately assume the plane has crashed and everyone has died. 

Then tweets continue to come through with news of ferries as first responders and possible survivors. Then OMG a tweet announces they think all the passengers and crew are alive!  We shriek in celebration which scares our server, who has not heard about the incident at all yet.   This goes on for nearly an hour.

At 1:50 pm PST I finally recieve a tweet from CNN reporting the incident.  My friend is compeltely impressed by the power of Twitter at this point!  As am I.  Pretty cool, huh? 

Go forth and tweet my friends – oh and follow me @LedgeDancer.

Are You Really Putting Out Fires?

After a horrific week of firestorms in Southern California, I think that unless you are actually a member of the fire department and saving lives and structures…we should all retire the phrase “putting out fires.”  Many people lost their homes this week and each story is more sad, especially those about looters hitting evacuated homes. It’s awful.  That’s why, today, I am vowing to remove this over exaggerated phrase from my own personal vernacular out of respect. 

From now on I think I’ll just say what it truly is – “working.”