To Get Customers, you Need to Get “It”

I had another one of those “social media” conversations today with a friend, you know the one…why don’t  people get that they should be using social media to grow their business?  As a practitioner, I am constantly trying to help a potential client to understand the power of the people, I actually try to shy away from calling it social media, to me its all marketing.  Some will just never get it.  Some want to but struggle.  Some will only do it if you show them how it makes the register ring.  Some clients get it extremely well and are enjoying tremendous success because of it! We love them (see Amy’s blog.)

It got me thinking about this.  The client who wants a big article in a glossy mag or to be on Oprah (for the latter, you’d better rescue a small nation) wants to be on those platforms because they believe that’s where the majority of their customers will be and they want the biggest bang they can get.  Interestingly enough, there’s a little thing called the Internet and your customers just happen to be there, a lot, every day, even the days Oprah is not broadcast.

So, why not concentrate on the things you can control, which is not the glossy or Oprah, and create reasons for your customers to find you?  You call it corn, we call it content!

I love content!  I am one of those dorky creative types who loves to create…well, anything!  When someone needs to name their business, car, child or whatever, I love to help them figure one out!  So with my over active brain and my Flip video, I now get to make content for my clients.  Fun for me, great for the clients.  We are no longer begging for attention, we are creating it ourselves, authentically, with the right messaging.  They are not all winners, but they are all search results!

My advice to anyone seeking publicity is to never poo poo a small publication that is not in your geographic area, because they are most likely online and that is your geographic area.  Feedback that praises your company, no matter where they live, is helpful to someone who may be seeking out a service or product like yours.  Using feedback from your current, happy customers, you can create videos, articles, how-tos, haikus – anything that will appeal to new customers.  Go for it all, something will appeal to someone and if you do it right, they’ll share it with everyone!


From the “What the f***!” File

Things that baffle me, in no particular order:

KFC Bowl of Hate – no wonder we are obese and diabetic
Kate Gosselin’s Celebrity?
Everything about The Hills
OctoMom – How did we let this happen?
Pizza Hut pasta in a bowl – refer to item #1
Religious Haters
Californians who voted for a high-speed train but not basic human rights
Californians who won’t admit they voted against basic human rights
Paying ANYTHING to watch Britney Spears lipsync
Not working for yourself
June gloom
Air flight
Al Davis!

This is definitely a working list…feel free to add to it.

If I Had All The Time in the World

I just came across a great post by Rich over at titled “If I Had all the Time in the World” and I loved it.  It inspired me to write my own, what a great idea!

If I had all the time in the world, I’d:

  • Walk my dogs twice a day
  • Exercise more
  • Blog here more
  • Read more books
  • Tweet more
  • Cook great meals for dinner (not every night because I have to eat Sushi a few times a week)
  • Call my friends for no particular reason
  • I’d shower, shave and do my hair every day
  • I’d have launched months ago as planned
  • Help all my friends and colleagues with their p.r. and marketing
  • I’d spend more time with my husband where I am not sort of listening while on Twitter

What a nice dream!

Monday – A Day Filled with Possibilities

Most Mondays I wake up late and tired, especially during NFL season for today I woke up early, refreshed and full up possibility.  I love doing PR, especially the creative side of it. I love writing and telling stories.  Last week I responded to a media query on HARO and today I have been included in an article about writing.  Pretty cool and full of great ideas.  Read it here.

As I have been going through my list of projects today – a press release, email replies, media pitches – I can’t help but think I am on the brink of something special and amazing. It’s a really good feeling, but the idea hasn’t presented itself clearly yet.

Tonight I am attending a special event at my client Clarita’s studio, presented by fitness icon Kathy Smith.  I am a big fan and looking forward to her presentation.  Perhaps, that is when my big idea is going to materialize?

All About the Service

I was invited to guest blog for my friend and had no idea what I was going to write about until I bought a pair of shoes on  You can read my post at the very entertaining blog by Linda Latta – my oldest friend.  Linda and I have cracked each other up for almost 30 years, which just blows my mind.

My blog was inspired by the great customer service at Zappos and my recent obsession with Twitter. Follow me @LedgeDancer.