Blog World Expo is Great Place to Learn & Network

Just when you think you have your business all figured out, you attned a conference only to discover you’re really uncool and not as knowledgeable as you thought!  This was me at Blog World in Las Vegas last week.  If I hadn’t had my MacBook I’d have felt like a total loser!  I really enjoyed meeting the many people I follow and read regularly, plus the dozens who were new to me.  What a great group of smart, friendly people.

The event was fantastic, filled with panel discussions, workshops and keynotes by the thought leaders in our industry and I left with a ton of notes and a commitment to be more connected for my clients and me.  Today I find myself scouring through my notes and starting to outline my plan of attack.

In the event you’re doing the same, here’s a post I found today that I found very helpful in my follow up to Blog World.