100th Post on a Day of 1000 Tears

I don’t usually get weapy on the Ledge blog, but I am suffering from a broken heart today.  My beloved little Pomeranian rescue, Dusty, had to be put down today.  It was devastating and I am going to miss him terribly.  I am blogging about it for a couple of reaons, one is to help heal my broken heart and the other is to make sure the topic of adopting rescue dogs is out there.

We adopted Dusty in March 2006 knowing full well he was at least 7 and there was no way to know his history.  He had a bum leg and we came to discover he also had Tracheal Collapse, a common ailment in Poms.  The leg never bugged him and the limp he had initially seemed to just disappear.  The collapse was awful…always honking and spitting up, but he dealt with it.

This week he went from normal to dismal in one day.  His heart became enlarged and a lung filled with fluid, making it difficult for him to breathe.  We spent our last day with him just showing how much we loved him and today we made that horrible trip to the vet.

Thankfully, we have another little Pom rescue, which I actually did rescue from traffic, to love on and spoil.  I am a rescue dog owner and always will be.  I would not trade our 4 years with Dusty for anything.  There are so many loving animals out there who need us and I encourage everyone to think Rescue first. Even if you want a specific breed, they are out there!  Although, muts are super lovable, so don’t overlook them.

Happy holidays and please, love on your pets this season and think rescue…always.