Not My Father the Car Salesman

My father was a car salesman when I was a little girl and I grew up wanting each and every model he drove home, saying “when I am 16 I totally want this car!” When I became 16, my dad was a used car wholesaler, who employed all my newly licensed friends during summers to literally drive cars around LA and Orange Counties. It was a bit sleazy but we didn’t care, we were driving for cash money!

I want to share a great story about a stand-up guy at my Volkswagen dealership. I am currently leasing my 2nd Beetle convertible and have about 8 months left on my lease, but of course I would love a new upgrade! So after I received an e-newsletter from my dealership about their loyalty programs for current owners/lessees, I email my guy, he said I could use the big incentives toward my down and he suggested I come in…so hello of course I went that night. I explained I wanted the same payment, with no money down and he went to work w/ the finance guy. After about 15 minutes, he returned and said, sorry but if we do this now you’ll be upside down, come back in about 4 months and I am sure we can make it happen. What? No hard sell to give you a huge down payment? I was a little bummed about not driving my new white Beetle home, but thrilled to know that in no time I would be (on my terms.) Not sure if my guy is an exception, or if having 3 leases from one dealership is a huge bonus, but either way, I know where I am getting my next car. That is great service, going on 5 years, and I am not only a loyal customer, I am now an advocate. If you want to contact my sales guy, email me.


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