Why we Can’t Work for You

Got a voice mail a few weeks ago from a company looking for P.R. I checked out their site and products and noticed they were trying to do blogging, they hadn’t totally nailed it, but I was happy they were trying. Saw they already posted a press release for the product he was launching and was seeking P.R. for, but okay I can work with that too.

When we talked he told me how they wanted to be in this print pub and that trade mag, argh I’m thinking, so I bring up online media and social media and how it’s really all the same now. He explains to me that they have the online stuff nailed (what?) and they really just want print. Plus, research proves that only 40% of their target customers are online. This blew me away. Why would you NOT want to reach 40% of your target? I very politely explained we were not the best P.R. company for what they were looking for, he was very polite too. Before we hung up, I asked him how he’d found us…to which he replied, “your website.” Touche.


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