The Business of Being Creative

Just discovered this blog, thanks to my fab client, Amy Child Marella of The Hidden Garden. If you are super Right Brain like me, then you will enjoy this blog. Sean Low is an expert who helps creative types run their businesses bettre (that is sooo me!)

Check out The Business of Being Creative, subscribe and let me know what you think.


Not My Father the Car Salesman

My father was a car salesman when I was a little girl and I grew up wanting each and every model he drove home, saying “when I am 16 I totally want this car!” When I became 16, my dad was a used car wholesaler, who employed all my newly licensed friends during summers to literally drive cars around LA and Orange Counties. It was a bit sleazy but we didn’t care, we were driving for cash money!

I want to share a great story about a stand-up guy at my Volkswagen dealership. I am currently leasing my 2nd Beetle convertible and have about 8 months left on my lease, but of course I would love a new upgrade! So after I received an e-newsletter from my dealership about their loyalty programs for current owners/lessees, I email my guy, he said I could use the big incentives toward my down and he suggested I come in…so hello of course I went that night. I explained I wanted the same payment, with no money down and he went to work w/ the finance guy. After about 15 minutes, he returned and said, sorry but if we do this now you’ll be upside down, come back in about 4 months and I am sure we can make it happen. What? No hard sell to give you a huge down payment? I was a little bummed about not driving my new white Beetle home, but thrilled to know that in no time I would be (on my terms.) Not sure if my guy is an exception, or if having 3 leases from one dealership is a huge bonus, but either way, I know where I am getting my next car. That is great service, going on 5 years, and I am not only a loyal customer, I am now an advocate. If you want to contact my sales guy, email me.

Why we Can’t Work for You

Got a voice mail a few weeks ago from a company looking for P.R. I checked out their site and products and noticed they were trying to do blogging, they hadn’t totally nailed it, but I was happy they were trying. Saw they already posted a press release for the product he was launching and was seeking P.R. for, but okay I can work with that too.

When we talked he told me how they wanted to be in this print pub and that trade mag, argh I’m thinking, so I bring up online media and social media and how it’s really all the same now. He explains to me that they have the online stuff nailed (what?) and they really just want print. Plus, research proves that only 40% of their target customers are online. This blew me away. Why would you NOT want to reach 40% of your target? I very politely explained we were not the best P.R. company for what they were looking for, he was very polite too. Before we hung up, I asked him how he’d found us…to which he replied, “your website.” Touche.