My Job is Merging with my Lifestyle – What’s not to Love?

Seriously, I have been loving working for myself and cannot believe it’s been almost 7 years since I took the big leap & opened Starfish P.R! Can you imagine anyone giving up a steady paycheck at one of the most beloved live music brands? The best part of my job is the fast changing opportunities to make a difference for my clients. The worst part, convincing said clients to abandon old thinking and embrace new media. But hey, I do love a challenge!

I have lived in South Redondo Beach for over 10 years and lately I’ve been picking up some local clients, which has been very gratifying. It’s all been word-of-mouth, who knows, I could become the Redondo PR Queen! Everyone who lives down here supports our local business owners, they make our town what it is. Last October I began a digital strategy for a new sushi restaurant called Sushi Gone Wild. Since then business has grown tremendously and because if it, customers (other local biz owners) have begun asking for my card. I can’t take all the credit, after all Mr. Kim is a character who is loved by locals and the sushi rocks, I am just helping people find that out.

This week I began working with a local gym called Riviera Fitness. This is a great company that’s just not connected with the locals yet…which I will make my mission to do of course. It doesn’t hurt that I love to eat Sushi and now have a really beautiful gym to work out in! Who would’ve thought the kid with the million dollar motabolism who lived on McDonalds in her 20s now eats well and works out…crazy.

I truly hope this local love I am getting continues and that I can make a difference for these small biz owners as well as turn my neighbors onto some great new places! No real point to this blog post today, I am just feeling great about my job and thought I’d share. The beach has always been my higher power, and now it’s my revenue generator too…awesome! Hope you all have a day of greatness! (Every day.)