From the “What the f***!” File

Things that baffle me, in no particular order:

KFC Bowl of Hate – no wonder we are obese and diabetic
Kate Gosselin’s Celebrity?
Everything about The Hills
OctoMom – How did we let this happen?
Pizza Hut pasta in a bowl – refer to item #1
Religious Haters
Californians who voted for a high-speed train but not basic human rights
Californians who won’t admit they voted against basic human rights
Paying ANYTHING to watch Britney Spears lipsync
Not working for yourself
June gloom
Air flight
Al Davis!

This is definitely a working list…feel free to add to it.


One response to “From the “What the f***!” File

  1. HA hA – I Luv this list!

    Let me add Angry big rig drivers (since I was almost run off the road by two on my way to Vegas)

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