Does Twitter Actually Improve our Communication Skills?

Last week my company was successful in securing media for six of our clients and we were definitely proud of our accomplishments.  I started thinking about how our attention span is getting shorter as technology improves…so us p.r. folk need to be more convincing in fewer words.  I have been very active on Twitter for the past few months and I am wondering if that’s been improving my communication skills?

Are our pitches are getting shorter but more succinct and possibly more powerful because of Twitter?  We joked how one reporter responded to a 2 sentence email pitch this week within 5 minutes – that was super cool to us, but we all laughed how some clients would have responded to see such a pitch.  2 sentences?  Crazy…crazy enough to be effective! 

What do you think?  Tweet me.


One response to “Does Twitter Actually Improve our Communication Skills?

  1. It is true we are not taught to be succinct but to be verbose when we write. Most books can be paraphrased in less than 10,000 words, but we are trained to get to 50,000 words least we be labeled less than an author. Twitter actually does not add to succinct-ness but to brevity relying on the user to fill in the gaps. The skill of a author is not in the length of the quill but the size of the cut. IMHO KB

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