When Twitter Sells Itself

A couple weeks ago I was having lunch with a friend, who is new to the social media addiction, and I am going to explain to her how I can help her to raise her profile online because she is, after all the best in her field.  No joke.  But she has no voice out there…just some great Google search results thanks to her stellar clients over the years.  But I am telling her on this gorgeous day, sitting outside at Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach, that she needs to get going with social media!  She is not clueless but just hasn’t taken any steps beyond a Facebook account at this point.

I am taking her through my list and, as is always the case, Twitter is bit tougher to explain as valuable…but I believe so I do my best.  Then it happens…US Air has an emergency landing on New York’s Hudson River (which used to be my view when I lived in Battery Park city, but I digress) and I receive a tweet about it from my friend and PR guru @Skydiver at 12:56 pm PST.  I share the news and we have a moment of sadness because we naturally and unfortunately assume the plane has crashed and everyone has died. 

Then tweets continue to come through with news of ferries as first responders and possible survivors. Then OMG a tweet announces they think all the passengers and crew are alive!  We shriek in celebration which scares our server, who has not heard about the incident at all yet.   This goes on for nearly an hour.

At 1:50 pm PST I finally recieve a tweet from CNN reporting the incident.  My friend is compeltely impressed by the power of Twitter at this point!  As am I.  Pretty cool, huh? 

Go forth and tweet my friends – oh and follow me @LedgeDancer.


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