An Interesting Case of the Mondays

Today went by very quickly for me, which was great.  I just realized I spent a lot of today tweeting and networking with colleagues (new and old) about work and life.  I forgot to eat breakfast and almost lunch! In the end I feel very fulfilled because I enjoy what I learn from my network of friends and some of them really crack me up too (yes, you @MrsWrite.)   Twitter was filled with great insights and links to helpful posts today.  I feel like I improved my skills, while having great conversations, as usual.  I guess that’s ROI 🙂

I did observe something interesting today.  The folks who are doing what they love were excited to be back to work in a new year filled with possibilities.  There were great conversations and posts regarding goals and expectations.  The people who work a regular job…not so much.  Their status was ‘hate coming to work today’ or ‘when is the next 3 day weekend?’  

Makes me feel really good that I actually still enjoy what I do and, despite how football season can do a number on me on Sundays, I still go to my job with a smile and great enthusiasm!  I hope everyone who had the Mondays today will make a goal in 2009 to do what they love not what they have to do.


One response to “An Interesting Case of the Mondays

  1. Ha Ha – don’t tell anyone what the status on my Facebook account was this week, especially my boss! That’s a great goal – I think I’ll borrow it! Ok, so off to write.

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