Pitch a New Client & Improve Your Skills

I just completed a new proposal for a potential new client.  I was not looking for a new client (remarkable in this economy, I know) but their ad on Craigslist sang to me.  They were seeking PR pros with expertise in social media.  Hallelujah!  What I love about the process of pitching a new client, though, is how it rejuvenates me and my team.

The process is all about self-examination.  Since you are basically “selling” yourself to someone who knows nothing about you and, in some cases, not much about PR in general, it’s a challenge.  You have to look at what you do and convey to the new client how well you do it.  It’s kind of awesome.  Hopefully, it does for you what it did for me, reminding me as to why I chose this career and why I love getting out of bed each day.  What a nice way to kick off a weekend!

Whether or not this new company chooses us to represent them, I am grateful for the process as it woke me up with excitement.  My current clients are the real winners today.

Make it a great day, do a little self-examining and give yourself a hand. You deserve it.


One response to “Pitch a New Client & Improve Your Skills

  1. Am starting to picth for new clients for our start up company. This artcle is so encouraging, am gonna start my Monday with a smile and the enthu to do well tomorrow.

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