Are You Really Putting Out Fires?

After a horrific week of firestorms in Southern California, I think that unless you are actually a member of the fire department and saving lives and structures…we should all retire the phrase “putting out fires.”  Many people lost their homes this week and each story is more sad, especially those about looters hitting evacuated homes. It’s awful.  That’s why, today, I am vowing to remove this over exaggerated phrase from my own personal vernacular out of respect. 

From now on I think I’ll just say what it truly is – “working.”


2 responses to “Are You Really Putting Out Fires?

  1. It’s interesting that you say this. I had a similar vow. After 9/11 I vowed to never say “I hate” again. Even if I’m talking about ‘not liking’ mushrooms in my food. I still try, but I say it sometimes. But in general, it’s a good idea to stop & realize what we say & try to be better people at the same time. Thanks for this post!

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