I Talk, Tweet and Text Too Much and I Love It!

I am addicted to communication and the quicker the better.  Yesterday I met with a really cool local company who is looking to start generating public awareness through marketing, PR and social media (yay!)

I love when anyone asks me to talk about this stuff because I love it. It’s fun for me to engage in conversation all day with likeminded people out there in the world.  It baffles me that more people don’t embrace blogging.  I have some clients who thought they would hate it and now love it and some who still have not fully realized its potential for their success.  Me, I like to talk so it’s natural for me.

More and more through my “super friends” (I call my online connections super friends) I am learning about really cool businesses and industries getting into social media…it’s so cool!  Can you imagine plumbers (yes, even Joe) and Hair Dressers sending out messages with tips, special offers or surveys?  Can you grasp the potential for their customer growth if these professional men and women became mini publishers too?  You gotta love the potential there to share their expertise and grow their businesses.

Not sure if the cool L.A. company will hire me but either way I am thrilled they decided to venture out into this great conversation.  I just hope when they get there…they listen.  If I am at the wheel, they will!

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