Virgin America – The Only Way to Fly Across Country!

Last week I flew to New York for some media with Amy Child Marella, my celebrity florist client. Since she covers my travel I always do my best to find the best airfare. We planned our travel about 3 weeks out and American Airlines was really expensive – about $150 more than all the other carriers, which was kind of surprising. So I went onto Orbitz to compare the others and I had a choice between Delta, US Air, Virgin Air and a few others, all for around $300. So I opted for savings versus miles and went for Virgin America because my gut was telling me it would be a great experience. I was more than right! Thanks, gut.

I seriously made a list on a legal pad through both legs so I would remember all the reasons why I loved this airline! Here are my numerous reasons, in no particular order:
1. Exit rows – there are 2 and one is free (no reclining) but the other is available for a $50 upgrade. DO IT! Keep in mind rows 8 & 9 don’t recline. It wasn’t terrible, but I prefer to recline.
2. Great service. From the captain to the flight crew – wow they love their jobs and you can tell.
3. Free Bottled Water that you can grab anytime. Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? In the back by the restrooms, a cooler of bottled water for the taking anytime. Brilliant!
4. TV screens at each seat. You can watch satellite, movies, play games, listen to music and order food! Once you swipe your credit card, the food is delivered to you in minutes.
5. Food choices. Finally, healthy snacks! I had the hummus and the cheese plates. They were awesome.
6. Cool lighting. Purple and pink lighting in the plane – very Vegas. Very Cool mixed with the shiny white seats (very storm-trooperesque.)
7. Recovered from weather delays. Let’s just say we were late both legs due to bad weather and the captain put the pedal to the medal! We made up the time amazingly well.
8. Plugs!!! You can plug in your computer AND an USB plug under your seat! Brilliant!
9. Bathroom Raves – house music (or trance?) in the bathroom had me shaking my ass every time I went.

I am going to book Virgin America first whenever I can! I suggest you give them a try.


2 responses to “Virgin America – The Only Way to Fly Across Country!

  1. I just got off an American Airlines flight from Maui and although cheap ($367 RT) and on time, they charged $15 per suitcase (and get you on the way back as well) and only provide complimentary soda. If you care for a sandwich, it’s $10. Chips? $3! Beer? $6! I would have loved a heads up on that!

  2. Angela, I could not agree with you more about Virgin America. I have been flying the airline for almost a year now, and the in-flight experience and service are a completely refreshing change from the nonsense given us by the other carriers. Make sure to join the airline’s frequent flyer program, called EleVAte. When you join, you also receive some invitations to some very interesting and exclusive flights. For example, last fall, the airlne issued invitations to an in-flight fashion show, put on by Victoria’s Secret. Looking forward to meeting you at a PRSA event in the near future! =]

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