Say do you Remember…Dancing in September?

I cannot believe it’s already September.  It feels like just yesterday I was noticing the beautiful jacaranda trees turning purple, dreaming of the summer months to follow.  Now we are less than 24 hours from the first NFL game of the season.  Crazy.

September is sybollic of wonderful change and I am feeling that enthusiasm in my life these days, wondering how to implement the changes necessary to get me to a perfect life/work balance.  Yes, this has much to do with my recent travels abroad where, as my friend Linda so poetically says, they live in color in Europe where as we live in black and white.

I often wonder if I am the only person who feels like there is still more to conquer and learn and that this current path is just one of many in my career, certainly not the last.  So lately I’ve been asking around and it turns out I am not alone. 

I currently love my job.  It’s creative, independent and I adore my clients.  And while it earns me a decent living, it’s not the living, breathing entity I want it to be.  So it’s time for me to think bigger and really hone my skills so that I can provide an important solution for the clients who NEED me.  I am working on it but keep in mind, I just came to this realization last week (Friday, actually.)  But I have always been the person who had the artwork hung on the walls the day I moved into a new place, so trust that it’s in progress.

But I am curious…what are you doing now and what do you hope to be doing next year? Next decade?  Or event next month?  This can’t be all there is.  I know that sounds a little Gen Y, but I am a Gen X gal and I do reserve the right to NOT act my age.

Share your thoughts on this subject, please.


4 responses to “Say do you Remember…Dancing in September?

  1. I’m not a good one for you on this topic, but I’m commenting anyway. haha I don’t have such grand goals – career or otherwise. I just live for the moment in the sense that I look forward to good times & great experiences with friends, family & loved ones. I thrive on adventures & the memories they give me now, tomorrow & always.

  2. YES!!!!! First I’d like to thank you for quoting me. Second, I can attest to artwork being hung on the walls that day you move in. Love that about you and always tell that story, or some story about you being at Target and back home all before 10AM. Third, YES, I want more, I demand more and I know I will be supplied more. It’s all supply and demand, we have to demand a better lot in life for ourselves and it will surely come. Love You and April too……

  3. Next month? Running my first marathon.
    Next year? Returning to the classroom full time.
    Next decade? Sending my beautiful daughters to college.
    This lifetime? Raise children, travel, stay healthy, help people.
    I have plans. Too many, sometimes!

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