Hi, Remember Me? I am Back.

First day back to work after 17 days off can be crazy, fortunately, I am doing great! Just had the most amazing trip of my life – here is a quick rundown:

July 25 Fly to London (first class on British Air – thank you Jesus!)

July 26 – spend a night in Rome en route for Nice

July 30 – After 4 days in Nice (love Nice btw) we go to Naples and meet up with 4 other couples to go on a great adventure of the Amalfi Coast – Capri and Positano definitely top my list of favorite places!

August 7 – it’s off to Paris (OMG I just said Paris!)

August 10 – bullet train to London (so fast and cool!)

August 11 – travel home, up almost 24 hours, so happy to see puppy faces and hug my favorite pillow.

Life is so good.


4 responses to “Hi, Remember Me? I am Back.

  1. Yeah… photos!

    Came across your blog from an auto generated link from my own blog (WordPress.com does it).

    Interesting stuff and I like some of your views on blogging… like simply encouraging people to try.

    You never now what can happen when somebody starts telling their story truthfully and openly.

    There are some consequences though… check out my story as an example.

    Keep up the good work.

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