Ledge Dancing: The Musical!

Whoa, I have been on a whirlwind this past week!  Talk about a balancing act.  I spent most of last week in Las Vegas for the IDEA World Fitness convention and I have to say, they are converting me to a fitness enthusiast!  I’ve done trade shows before but never had so much fun. You can imagine, everyone there was fit, healthy and really happy – what’s not fun about that?

ACT I: I arrived super early Tuesday to help my client Clarita set up her booth – she is promoting her hot Latin dance workout, Mambo Mania.  Mambo Mania, by the way, is one of the reasons I am in such good shape now.  So we set up, barely have time for a bite and a whore’s bath, then we are back at the booth by 4pm to ‘sell’ it.  We danced in that booth till the show closed, and it was fun!

Wednesday to Friday it was a whole lot of dancing and laughing and good times as we created the Mambo Mania buzz!  Seriously, people recognized us all over town.  So fun.

All the while I am juggling three upcoming events (Power Women, Power Tools, Avon Expo, Comic-Con), press releases, clients and a dog that keeps escaping from our yard!  My poor husband.  ACT II – spent a nice weekend with friends and no blackberry! 

ACT III – ten crazy days, three events and then it’s off to Italy!!!


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