Run, Don’t Blog

…to Chocolate Goldfish 100 calorie snack packs!


No Blogging on the Dance Floor

After a huge July filled with trade shows, conventions, expos and power building, I am finally calm and preparing to leave for France and Italy tomorrow.  Ah. Deep breaths.

Shopping’s done, nails are pink, dogs are boarded, mail is stopped, hair is fabulous, bags are almost packed and the PR auto-reply is set to begin at 10 am tomorrow!  Europe here I come!

Mary Tyler Moore, You’re the Original Power Woman!

Power Women, Power Tools 2007

Power Women, Power Tools 2007

This Friday and Saturday is one of my favorite Habitat events called Power Women, Power Tools.  We seriusly get hundreds of women in pink t’s and hard hats out to a location to build homes and we have the best time.  This year is our biggest yet, nearly 300 women expected and it’s been extended to 2 days.  For anyone who knows me, you know how much I love working with Habitat for Humanity so this you know I am having a great time preparing for it.  We are expecting a lot of media (yay I am earning my keep) and some talented and powerful women.

I’ll post photos as soon as I can. For anyone who would be interested in participating in this event next year, we can’t do it without sponsors so please contact me and help us build more homes and spread the word!

Ledge Dancing: The Musical!

Whoa, I have been on a whirlwind this past week!  Talk about a balancing act.  I spent most of last week in Las Vegas for the IDEA World Fitness convention and I have to say, they are converting me to a fitness enthusiast!  I’ve done trade shows before but never had so much fun. You can imagine, everyone there was fit, healthy and really happy – what’s not fun about that?

ACT I: I arrived super early Tuesday to help my client Clarita set up her booth – she is promoting her hot Latin dance workout, Mambo Mania.  Mambo Mania, by the way, is one of the reasons I am in such good shape now.  So we set up, barely have time for a bite and a whore’s bath, then we are back at the booth by 4pm to ‘sell’ it.  We danced in that booth till the show closed, and it was fun!

Wednesday to Friday it was a whole lot of dancing and laughing and good times as we created the Mambo Mania buzz!  Seriously, people recognized us all over town.  So fun.

All the while I am juggling three upcoming events (Power Women, Power Tools, Avon Expo, Comic-Con), press releases, clients and a dog that keeps escaping from our yard!  My poor husband.  ACT II – spent a nice weekend with friends and no blackberry! 

ACT III – ten crazy days, three events and then it’s off to Italy!!!