Great Media Trip to NY – Now Dealing with my Pack

After running around the City like a mad woman with Amy Marella and coming home in less than 48 hours, I am happy to be home.  You can check out the details of our Better TV trip and great pictures from our segment in Central Park on Amy’s blog.  Thanks to Ashley, Marianne and Audra for being so great every time we see them!

And thanks to Peter Shankman, creator of – it was great to finally meet you and get my prizes!

This week is very busy as I am catching up and trying to make great things happen for my awesome clients.  Fortunately the trip inspired me and I feel like my creative ideas are just exploding!  Yay!  Also, have a meeting with a potential new client tomorrow, I just love them!  Hope this creative surge lasts the whole week!

As for my pack of dogs…it’s a lot of cleaning up pee and high vet bills.  Mr. X is scheduled for the big snip and some much needed teeth cleaning on Monday, both of which should make a huge difference in the Moore househould.  Tonight I am going to my exercise class…thank God for Mambo Mania, I can’t wait!