OMG This is Awesome!


Habitat for Humanity Supporter is featured “Cool Kid of the Week” on KABC 7 This Week!

Please tune into KABC 7 this Thursday, June 19 for their 4 pm news broadcast!  Natalie Millman is a bright, amazing young lady who attends La Serna High in Whittier and is a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity’s Youth United Program

Read about how she raises money playing viola during lunch break to support Habitat.  And if you can’t tune in Thursday, set your Tivo or visit KABC online for the video archive!

Everyone Can Make a Difference, Change a Life

So on the heels of an awesome weekend in which I celebrated homeownership with 14 Habitat Families on Saturday, I am preparing to celebrate a really cool kid tomorrow.  Last March we learned about a student at a local high school who was using her Viola to earn money for Habitat for Humanity.  She graciously wrote a blog post for the Habitat blog and we received tons of emails and calls about how great people thought she was.

Well, we decided to sumbit her as ABC’s “Cool Kid of the Week.”  And 2 1/2 months later, we got a call and she has been selected!  So tomorrow we will be at her high school to interview her with KABC news.  I am inspired and touched on a daily basis working for Habitat for Humanity.  It’s such a blessing.

Great Media Trip to NY – Now Dealing with my Pack

After running around the City like a mad woman with Amy Marella and coming home in less than 48 hours, I am happy to be home.  You can check out the details of our Better TV trip and great pictures from our segment in Central Park on Amy’s blog.  Thanks to Ashley, Marianne and Audra for being so great every time we see them!

And thanks to Peter Shankman, creator of – it was great to finally meet you and get my prizes!

This week is very busy as I am catching up and trying to make great things happen for my awesome clients.  Fortunately the trip inspired me and I feel like my creative ideas are just exploding!  Yay!  Also, have a meeting with a potential new client tomorrow, I just love them!  Hope this creative surge lasts the whole week!

As for my pack of dogs…it’s a lot of cleaning up pee and high vet bills.  Mr. X is scheduled for the big snip and some much needed teeth cleaning on Monday, both of which should make a huge difference in the Moore househould.  Tonight I am going to my exercise class…thank God for Mambo Mania, I can’t wait!


I Love New York!

Ah, the big apple, my favorite city.  I am traveling to NY today with my client, Amy Marella of the Hidden Garden.  She is going to tape two segments for Better TV, one about outdoor weddings in Central Park and one about arranging deli bought flowers.  I’ll be sure to post pictures when we get back.

If you are familiar with Central Park, I’d love any suggestions on a location for the outdoor weddings segment.  We need a spot that would look great as a backdrop for a wedding that also provides good space to set up our floral props.  Oh and it must be easy to find, direct the team to.  If anyone has a good tip, please email  Thanks!