PR for Pets

Still harboring the little dog I found last week and his breath has not improved.  Although the agreession between he and my dog has definitely waned.  After 8 days, I am not as optimistic we will find his owners, it seems like they don’t want to be found.

It occurred to me today that this process is basically p.r. – the same thing I do for my clients.  If you google “found pomeranian, torrance” 7 of the 10 results on the first page are mine.  I am giving this little guy as much exposure as I can including fliers around the neighborhood where he was found, and in local grocery and drug stores.

Pretty soon, he needs to see a vet to treat his breath and get fixed.  This, I hope, will bring calm to my home (and marriage) and aid in finding him a loving family to call his own.


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