What Happened to Fear in the Workplace? Seriously.

I had a discussion over the weekend about how Gen Yers differ from us Gen Xers as employees.  Do you remember being at your first real job and being totally afraid?  Afraid to come in late?  Afraid to mess up at your job?  Afraid to accidentally lose a call you were transfering?  Afraid that you simply weren’t good enough and could be fired any day?  I don’t believe the new workforce even considers fear, much less contemplates that they might not be the best. 

I am fascinated by the differences.  I have had some employees who actually seemed put off when I gave them direction.  Aren’t I the boss?  Curious. Will we all be able to co-exist?  How do we get our jobs done efficiently without having to walk on egg shells?  It seems so cliche to talk about their ‘sense of entitlement’ but it really does seem to be a reality.

I am not at all suggesting we instill fear.  I hated my mean bosses. But I believe us bosses deserve the respect that we have earned in our 20+ years of employment.  If we want something we always have to fight for it.  Where is that fighting spirit today? I would love to hear from other Gen Xers like me who might have this same experience.  Any advice?


3 responses to “What Happened to Fear in the Workplace? Seriously.

  1. You have touched upon my hugest pet pieve of all time! I am right there with you & I’m so disallusioned. And, on the flip side I work like I’m afraid & IT’S NOT EVEN APPRECIATED! ARGGH@!!!!

  2. I have put my neck out for two “young people” recommending them for jobs. They were hired and NEVER SHOWED UP for their first day! Both of them. I’m so scared that I thought I was going to be held responsible for their behavior! 🙂

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