Two Good Deeds Tuesday

Yesterday I had the pleasure of mentoring an amazing young woman who, at fifteen, is in the regional finals of NFTE – National Foundationg for Teaching Entrepreneurship.  It was my second year offering marketing advice as they fine tune their final business plans for the competition tomorrow night at USC.

SIMPLY AMAZING.  Can you imagine having a business at 15?  Much less, knowing what you wanted to even do?  She was so full of passion and enthusiasm, I loved every minute of my experience. Although, I am positive she would have liked me to talk a bit less.

So as I am driving home, high on life, heading to meet my hubby for sushi at Mr. Kim’s – there goes a small pomeranian running by my car!  I barely put the car in park and I was running down the street in my heels after him.

I made ‘the call’ – “Honey, don’t meet me at Kim’s, I am heading home with a pomeranian I just rescued on Sepulveda Blvd.”  I am sure he thought I was full of it.  So one crazy night later, Dog X is trying to mount my dog (not fixed in addition to being not chipped.)  I am searching for his owner, to no avail yet.  But I know he will be happy regardless of the outcome, I’ll make sure of that.

Isn’t he precious? Is he yours?


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