Rethink, Refresh & Revive!

When you’ve been working with the same clients for a long period of time, you can get into a slump and you really need to do something to spark new creative ideas.  For me I’ve decided to reach out to good friends and colleagues whom I think are smart, creative, willing to brainstorm & maybe even hungry.  Today I had lunch with my friend Dana who handles p.r. for a premium clothing company.  She and I have always seen eye to eye on p.r. stuff and I just really like her.

We got caught up and decided to brainstorm with each other about each of our current projects.  I left with a long list of things to do and people to contact, but more importantly, I feel energized and I cannot wait to see her in about a month and do it again! 

If you need a creative boost, scan your contacts list and call someone up and invite them to lunch or for a walk on the beach.  Get the creative juices going again with some fresh input from someone who has zero attachment to your client.  Buy him/her lunch and you’ve saved a ton on consulting fees.


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