How do you Recharge?

Today I caught up with a friend and fellow ledge dancer who was having a rough day because one of her clients eluded to the fact that they may not need her anymore.  “We are still trying to figure out what to do with you” was what they said.  Curious.  I definitely feel her anxiety.

My advice?  First I asked if she was on deadline. No.  Then I told her to get out of her office, take the rest of the day off and go get a mani/pedi, watch a movie or read a book. Do anything but sit at her desk and stress out.  That does nobody (including other clients) any good.

This got me thinking…shouldn’t we recharge our batteries like this more often? Not just when a situation occurs?  Everyone needs an energy boost…especially when you’re the boss, the team, the runner and the accountant.

How do you recharge? 


One response to “How do you Recharge?

  1. Good post & great topic! I agree that it’s necessary to recharge, take a breather, a step back. I LOVE to take a ride with my sunroof open & great music playing. My favorite thing to do is take Sunset to PCH to Temescal Cyn. & go to my very favorite, most awesome (!!) viewpoint there is in L.A. & then wander (if I have time & feel up to it) in & out of Mulholland, PCH, Kanan, Las Virgenes Canyons.

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