PR for Pets

Still harboring the little dog I found last week and his breath has not improved.  Although the agreession between he and my dog has definitely waned.  After 8 days, I am not as optimistic we will find his owners, it seems like they don’t want to be found.

It occurred to me today that this process is basically p.r. – the same thing I do for my clients.  If you google “found pomeranian, torrance” 7 of the 10 results on the first page are mine.  I am giving this little guy as much exposure as I can including fliers around the neighborhood where he was found, and in local grocery and drug stores.

Pretty soon, he needs to see a vet to treat his breath and get fixed.  This, I hope, will bring calm to my home (and marriage) and aid in finding him a loving family to call his own.


Yes, That’s Me & My Habitat Pals with President Carter – Our Work is Now Done & Families are Moving in!

Late last June a bunch of pink-clad ladies broke ground and began framing on the site you see above.  It was part of our annual Power Women, Power Tools event (this year’s is coming in July.) Then in October/November there were actual buildings as we worked hard during the 2007 Jimmy Carter Work Project and next month, 30 L.A. families will be moving into their brand new homes!  Homes they purchased and helped build in this roller coaster housing market – that is why Habitat for Humanity is so awesome!!!

We will be having 2 block parties in June to celebrate so if you helped build and you want to come celebrate, or better yet, if you’ve never built with us and you want to see what HABITITIS looks like – please email me

Two Good Deeds Tuesday

Yesterday I had the pleasure of mentoring an amazing young woman who, at fifteen, is in the regional finals of NFTE – National Foundationg for Teaching Entrepreneurship.  It was my second year offering marketing advice as they fine tune their final business plans for the competition tomorrow night at USC.

SIMPLY AMAZING.  Can you imagine having a business at 15?  Much less, knowing what you wanted to even do?  She was so full of passion and enthusiasm, I loved every minute of my experience. Although, I am positive she would have liked me to talk a bit less.

So as I am driving home, high on life, heading to meet my hubby for sushi at Mr. Kim’s – there goes a small pomeranian running by my car!  I barely put the car in park and I was running down the street in my heels after him.

I made ‘the call’ – “Honey, don’t meet me at Kim’s, I am heading home with a pomeranian I just rescued on Sepulveda Blvd.”  I am sure he thought I was full of it.  So one crazy night later, Dog X is trying to mount my dog (not fixed in addition to being not chipped.)  I am searching for his owner, to no avail yet.  But I know he will be happy regardless of the outcome, I’ll make sure of that.

Isn’t he precious? Is he yours?

What Happened to Fear in the Workplace? Seriously.

I had a discussion over the weekend about how Gen Yers differ from us Gen Xers as employees.  Do you remember being at your first real job and being totally afraid?  Afraid to come in late?  Afraid to mess up at your job?  Afraid to accidentally lose a call you were transfering?  Afraid that you simply weren’t good enough and could be fired any day?  I don’t believe the new workforce even considers fear, much less contemplates that they might not be the best. 

I am fascinated by the differences.  I have had some employees who actually seemed put off when I gave them direction.  Aren’t I the boss?  Curious. Will we all be able to co-exist?  How do we get our jobs done efficiently without having to walk on egg shells?  It seems so cliche to talk about their ‘sense of entitlement’ but it really does seem to be a reality.

I am not at all suggesting we instill fear.  I hated my mean bosses. But I believe us bosses deserve the respect that we have earned in our 20+ years of employment.  If we want something we always have to fight for it.  Where is that fighting spirit today? I would love to hear from other Gen Xers like me who might have this same experience.  Any advice?

Money Savings Tip – Get Printer Cartridges Refilled at Walgreen’s

If you haven’t arleady taken advantage of this service YOU MUST!  Visit the Walgreen’s Site to find a location near you that offers their cartridge refill service.   Black ink is $10 & Color is $15 – amazing!

If you are your own boss and you pay for office supplies, this is one good reason to come in off the ledge!

Rethink, Refresh & Revive!

When you’ve been working with the same clients for a long period of time, you can get into a slump and you really need to do something to spark new creative ideas.  For me I’ve decided to reach out to good friends and colleagues whom I think are smart, creative, willing to brainstorm & maybe even hungry.  Today I had lunch with my friend Dana who handles p.r. for a premium clothing company.  She and I have always seen eye to eye on p.r. stuff and I just really like her.

We got caught up and decided to brainstorm with each other about each of our current projects.  I left with a long list of things to do and people to contact, but more importantly, I feel energized and I cannot wait to see her in about a month and do it again! 

If you need a creative boost, scan your contacts list and call someone up and invite them to lunch or for a walk on the beach.  Get the creative juices going again with some fresh input from someone who has zero attachment to your client.  Buy him/her lunch and you’ve saved a ton on consulting fees.