New Rule: No More Gray Hairs Ever

Okay here it is, I have been going gray since my twenties.  Fortunately, the gray came slow enough for me to cover it with some “me only better” solutions every 6 weeks or so.  Enter age 40 and now the gray is very prominent within 3 weeks and my loving husband is always happy to alert me about it.  At well over $100 a pop, going to the salon every 3 weeks was out of the question.

So I decide to color my own roots at home. I did it for years before I could afford the fancy salon and it would mean no embrassing roots. But it also meant no highlights, boo.  Then I start reading Charla Krupp’s new book, How Not to Look Old.  A fun book filled with great tips from a veteran magazine beauty editor.  Trust me she’s tried everything.

She says home color kits have come a long way and are a great way to go for root color, then suggests going to the salon for highlight 4 times a year.  BRILLIANT! Why didn’t I think of that?  So today I went to the salon with my fresh roots a la Miss Clairol and I am now “me but so much better!”  And the best part is it was only $50 and it took less time!!!  I am so in and probably more than 4 times a year!



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