Great Biggest Loser Finale Last Night – Way to go Ali!

I loved the Biggest Loser Couples finale last night.  I watched it intently from beginning to end and am so happy to see Ali win it, just like she imagined it.  But that said, I was floored by Roger and Kelly’s results…big WOW!!!  And did you see Dan’s mom?  Great work!

As for my own Biggest Loser, Redondo Beach style, I am doing okay. I have lost most the weight on the way to my goal, but have hit a little wall this week and have slacked off on my workouts.  The diet is just fine, thank God.

So as they say, I am putting my slackiness behind me and tonight I ride (my elyptical that is.)  Were you inspired by the show?  I believe I can do anything now, including completing all my projects today with almost no sleep.  (Had to be in L.A. by 6:15 am for KTLA, but it went great!)



One response to “Great Biggest Loser Finale Last Night – Way to go Ali!

  1. I began my recording at 8ish and I saw a piece on Habitat but I didn’t see YOU!! Were you on earlier than 8AM? Bummer…I want to hear all about it.

    Yes, I was inspired by the show!! Check out my blog at

    I even signed up for another 6 week boot camp session…I completed 7 weeks today! It was wonderful, we have a week off and then back to the routine!

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