A Blogger Says What?

sushi.jpgI work with some amazing experts, authors, philanthropists and just great human beings, whom I help to blog.  They have a great deal to offer the world with tips and expertise, yet their time is so filled running their businesses, that I support them by suggesting blog topics and editing them.  Sometimes, I even ghost write a blog entry.  I don’t mind, I love writing and I know blogging is good for their careers.

But then the day ends, I am exhausted and have no creative juice left to blog here.  My dream, if you recall, is to blog daily in a gorgeous locale.  I was inspired today by reading one of my many newsletters, to blog more. I read about a woman who has been writing for a living since her twenties and is working on her 2nd book.  Her name is Michelle Goodman (and she blogs too.) I ordered her first book “The Anti 9 to 5 Guide” today, which I can’t wait to read.  I just know I’ll be nodding along. 

So with not much to say I have successfully blogged today. My goal will be 3 times a week.  I cannot promise they’ll be exciting or life changing, but I will try to focus on being your own boss, my life on the ledge.  It may just be about the sushi I eat for dinner tonight at Mr. Kim’s.  Trust me, it’s worth writing about!


3 responses to “A Blogger Says What?

  1. Found you through the “Tag Surfer” feature of WordPress. Good for you for going off on your own! We all need to live our lives like their golden, as the Kim Scott song goes. But also know what you mean about being constantly “on” and creative and not bringing much home after a long day.

    I counsel my clients that three posts a week is enough to keep a blog fresh. IMO you need to be careful ghost writing — editing yes, total creation no. Just my two cents.

    I’m at http://cparente.wordpress.com — check it out for thoughts on Work, Wine and Wheels!


  2. Thanks for stopping by! I do hear you about the ghost-blogs, I have strict rules, the client has to provide the info, I just help them script a bit. I’ll def stop by your blog too, I love wine!

  3. Ah, that sounds right. Smoothing out their blog content and making it readable — absolutely part of the job these days!

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