New Rule: No More Gray Hairs Ever

Okay here it is, I have been going gray since my twenties.  Fortunately, the gray came slow enough for me to cover it with some “me only better” solutions every 6 weeks or so.  Enter age 40 and now the gray is very prominent within 3 weeks and my loving husband is always happy to alert me about it.  At well over $100 a pop, going to the salon every 3 weeks was out of the question.

So I decide to color my own roots at home. I did it for years before I could afford the fancy salon and it would mean no embrassing roots. But it also meant no highlights, boo.  Then I start reading Charla Krupp’s new book, How Not to Look Old.  A fun book filled with great tips from a veteran magazine beauty editor.  Trust me she’s tried everything.

She says home color kits have come a long way and are a great way to go for root color, then suggests going to the salon for highlight 4 times a year.  BRILLIANT! Why didn’t I think of that?  So today I went to the salon with my fresh roots a la Miss Clairol and I am now “me but so much better!”  And the best part is it was only $50 and it took less time!!!  I am so in and probably more than 4 times a year!



Great Biggest Loser Finale Last Night – Way to go Ali!

I loved the Biggest Loser Couples finale last night.  I watched it intently from beginning to end and am so happy to see Ali win it, just like she imagined it.  But that said, I was floored by Roger and Kelly’s results…big WOW!!!  And did you see Dan’s mom?  Great work!

As for my own Biggest Loser, Redondo Beach style, I am doing okay. I have lost most the weight on the way to my goal, but have hit a little wall this week and have slacked off on my workouts.  The diet is just fine, thank God.

So as they say, I am putting my slackiness behind me and tonight I ride (my elyptical that is.)  Were you inspired by the show?  I believe I can do anything now, including completing all my projects today with almost no sleep.  (Had to be in L.A. by 6:15 am for KTLA, but it went great!)


Shameless Self-Promotion: I’ll be on KTLA Morning News Tomorrow with Habitat for Humanity of Greater L.A.

I love getting great coverage for Habitat!  I’ll be there too, so be sure to tune in or set your tivo!



Habitat for Humanity will be featured on the KTLA Morning News Wednesday, April 16 from 6:25 am to 9:00 am during a live remote with reporter,  Gayle Anderson.  This build is part of our “A Brush With Kindness” home repair program and we will be there to assist the Lair Family with repairs to their home in Los Angeles. 


We currently need weekday volunteers so if it looks fun, contact and sign up!


Please set your Tivo and tell all your friends!

Another Great Reason to Be Your Own Boss – Taking a Day off in the Middle of the Week!

Today at noon, I am packing up and driving up to Big Bear for a little personal time.  This is one of the best perks of being the boss, I can pack up my laptop and hit the road. Most days I discipline myself to work a full shift as if I were in an office, but then I remember that I am a consultant and as long as the work is getting done, it really doesn’t matter if I do it from 9 to 5, or in the middle of the night. 

So when my niece told me she and her mom were heading to their cabin this week, I jumped on board.  Of course, my trusty companion Dusty will be shotgun!  I’ve read that Pomeranians were originally sled dogs before they were bred down to lap dogs, this should be interesting!  Photos to follow for sure.

While I am there, I plan to check in on work, but mostly I plan to play scrabble, read, power walk, soak in the hot tub and write.  Oh and I suspect there will be the occasional glass(es) of red wine! Ahh, can’t wait!

IM Should Cut us Off & Force us to Actually Speak to Each Other

I appreciate how effective IM is for instantly sending and receiving information, but sometimes shouldn’t we just talk?  On IM it’s a safe bet we are in a hurry and we tend to leave out crucial words that can make or break our meaning.  We can come off as angry, which can offend our buddy.

So let’s either slow down and write with meaning or logoff and pick up the phone.  Have some courtesy!

A Blogger Says What?

sushi.jpgI work with some amazing experts, authors, philanthropists and just great human beings, whom I help to blog.  They have a great deal to offer the world with tips and expertise, yet their time is so filled running their businesses, that I support them by suggesting blog topics and editing them.  Sometimes, I even ghost write a blog entry.  I don’t mind, I love writing and I know blogging is good for their careers.

But then the day ends, I am exhausted and have no creative juice left to blog here.  My dream, if you recall, is to blog daily in a gorgeous locale.  I was inspired today by reading one of my many newsletters, to blog more. I read about a woman who has been writing for a living since her twenties and is working on her 2nd book.  Her name is Michelle Goodman (and she blogs too.) I ordered her first book “The Anti 9 to 5 Guide” today, which I can’t wait to read.  I just know I’ll be nodding along. 

So with not much to say I have successfully blogged today. My goal will be 3 times a week.  I cannot promise they’ll be exciting or life changing, but I will try to focus on being your own boss, my life on the ledge.  It may just be about the sushi I eat for dinner tonight at Mr. Kim’s.  Trust me, it’s worth writing about!