Quick Blog. Valuable Information!

canwedothat1.jpgNod to Peter Shankman (I love you, but not in a way that would make my husband nervous) for creatign www.HelpaReporter.com!  For anyone out there with a pulse this is a resource that is going to change you life.  Yes, it’s that revolutionary (insert p.r. practitioner eye roll)!

Why? Because you’ll receive a little bit of sunshine in your in box each day, thanks to Peter’s hillarious sense of humor AND you’ll actually get valuable queries from media. If you fit a criteria, that little, funny email could boost your business and career!  It all started on Facebook but we outgrew it so now we are big and fat! 

Not bad for 2 seconds to sign up here:  Help A Reporter

Sign up today & start laughing tomorrow. Buy his book too, he’s not charging us for H.A.R.O. so it’s the least we all can do to repay him. 

Thanks, Peter!


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