Quick Blog. Valuable Information!

canwedothat1.jpgNod to Peter Shankman (I love you, but not in a way that would make my husband nervous) for creatign www.HelpaReporter.com!  For anyone out there with a pulse this is a resource that is going to change you life.  Yes, it’s that revolutionary (insert p.r. practitioner eye roll)!

Why? Because you’ll receive a little bit of sunshine in your in box each day, thanks to Peter’s hillarious sense of humor AND you’ll actually get valuable queries from media. If you fit a criteria, that little, funny email could boost your business and career!  It all started on Facebook but we outgrew it so now we are big and fat! 

Not bad for 2 seconds to sign up here:  Help A Reporter

Sign up today & start laughing tomorrow. Buy his book too, he’s not charging us for H.A.R.O. so it’s the least we all can do to repay him. 

Thanks, Peter!


Eat, Work and Blog

cimg3625.jpgIt’s been far too long since I blogged here – I say this because I blog several times each day, just not for myself!  I work with amazing clients who have a lot to say but need my help getting the words out there.  So it’s not surprising that by the time my day ends, I only have enough energy to walk my dog and pour a glass of spicy red wine.  Not always in that order. It’s amazing I am finding time to exercise for my Biggest Loser competition (which is going great, by the way!)

This has been a great week for me both personally and professionally as I have succeeded in many projects, which feels great!  I’ve also been reading a great book given to me by a friend for my 40th birthday that is a collection of essays written by folks who’ve turned 40.  It’s really inspiring.

A client and friend paid me a wonderful compliment this week – she referred me to someone else.  That is the best I can hope for!  My husband and I doing great, and after a few conversations with other women this week about bad relationships, I am realizing just how lucky I am.  And with all the downsizing out there, I’m so thrilled to have not lost a single client. Hope that continues.  Perhaps this is where my years of ‘undervaluing’ myself might actually pay off!

If you happen to work in the world of marketing and p.r. be sure to get on Facebook (yes, it’s not just for breakfast anymore) and join this group:  “If I can help a reporter out, I will!”  It’s run by Perer Shankman and almost immediately after joining, I got a client on a major home improvement website!  Much love, Peter!  Plus it’s a great group – I think of it as a lovey-dovey version of Profnet. 

Okay back to work and then it’s all about the dog (and dinner with the hubby, yay!)