Bragging Rights: Amy Marella Shares Celebrity Valentine’s Styles on Better TV!

cimg4287sm.jpgMy friend and client, Amy Child Marella is a wedding expert and florist to the stars so it’s a natural fit she’d be invited to Better TV to offer great style tips for Valentine’s day based on celebrity trends! Only in America! Amy and I hit the Big Apple for the show last week and it aired today in several cities nationwide, but you can see it now HERE and it will be available on demand so you can watch it over and over for the rest of your life.

 Amy has been invited back to appear on Better TV in April so you can bet I’ll post that too!  For all Amy’s great tips on weddings, flowers and more you should check out her blog The Secret Life of Flowers.


A Few Things I’ve Learned in 40 Years

I am not obsessing on turning 40, I swear.  I challenge anyone NOT to be introspective on such a milestone.  I actually think it’s pretty cool, since my 30s were so much fun, the 40s have to rock, right?

Here are a few things I am grateful to know:

  1. I can overcome anything and I know first hand that one should never lose hope.
  2. You can do anything you work hard for – like starting your own business, so do it already!
  3. You will find a soulmate, just be patient and true to yourself.
  4. Strength comes just when you need it.
  5. Good friends don’t judge.
  6. Obligations suck.
  7. Life is short.
  8. It’s possible to love your job.
  9. It’s okay to not want children.
  10. Red wine is a gift.
  11. Always be honest with yourself because if you’re not, no one wants to hear about it.
  12. You can live without fast food.
  13. Being in love with someone is awesome!

I am sure there are more…they’ll probably come to me in the middle of the night!

I Turned 40, Now What?

40th-birthday-cake-with-candles.jpgLast Monday, February 4th, I turned 40.  It was wild to say the least. I felt (and acted) like a twenty-something, but I have made some wonderful lifestyle changes this year and have fine tuned my career goals.

Stay tuned as I blog in depth about the positive and lofty goals my 40s have inspired.