All The World’s A Blog

It seems that every conversation I have with people lately always comes around to blogging. I love blogs and I see the value in them for my clients, but the more I talk to people about what they do or their hobbies, I end up saying “you should be blogging!”

But it’s true.  Here are some reasons to blog that came up in recent conversations I’ve had:

 If you work for a major brand and have expertise that would appeal to your target consumer, or better yet, you ARE your target consumer – BLOG.  Share your expertise, stories of success and failure, or the latest book or article you read on the subject.  Your consumers will totally relate to you and start asking you questions and even better – start to tell what they want and how they want it.  Magic.

You’re planning a 50th reunion for a high school and need to start creating awareness – blog.  Start enlisting the help of former and current students in telling stories about then and now.  Recap the last 50 years in personal stories, memorials, photos and more.  Enlist local businesses to sponsor the event and let them provide content too.   For example, a local diner where the kids hung out – share photos of then and now – and compare prices of shakes, meals.  Ask the diner to promote your blog with a link from their site. 

You’re an avid runner and you manage a runner’s group – blog.  Post times for your practices, post upcoming runs and link to registration pages, have photo galleries, before and afters pics of folks who got into shape, and provide feedback for anyone interested in running.  Share tips for preparation, eating and training.  Before you know it you’ll be linking back and forth and conversing with people who share your passion all around the world! It’s awesome.

You’ve been working in an exciting field for 20 plus years – blog.  How many people have been on tour with a rock band?  Who’s been to the Grammy’s 10 times!?  These are great experiences and there is a world of music fans and musicians out there who’d love to know what you know.  Share fun stories (discreetly or not) and see what kind of response you get.  You never know, this could be the begining of a great future book and the publisher may just find you because of your blog!!!

Seriously, those ideas are from 4 conversations I had this week.  So what’s your story? Why aren’t you telling it?  Here are some great resources:

The New Rules of Marketing & PR

Naked Conversations: How Blogs Are Changing The Way Businesses Talk with Customers

Check them out and I’ll see you in the blogosphere!


4 responses to “All The World’s A Blog

  1. WOW!! Yes, I’m really enjoying blogging and hopefully a publisher will find me!! You have been so disciplined about blogging often, thanks for the inspiration.

    Maybe I can park my yacht next to yours out there in the blogosphere.

    Love Ya,

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