I Have a Dream & It Involves Blogging & a Yacht

My friend Jennifer Kushell wrote a NY Times Best-seller called “Secrets of the Young & Successful: How to get Everything you Want Without Waiting a Lifetime” and in it she asks you to define your ideal life (among the other things she helps you realize.)

calendar-shot.jpgI have been telling friends and family my dream for the past year or so and here it is: I want to make my living writing, which of course means blogging, from a beautiful yacht somewhere in the Carribean with my husband and my dog.  My husband can retire and do what we love, travel the world. I believe this is very possible and yesterday I took a step in that direction.

 Yesterday my little PR company, Starfish P.R., launched a new business model to help people get an online identity quickly and affordably.  The plan is deliver low cost, high quality web development and blog support in high volume. This is not only something my team and I love to do, but it can be done anywhere…like on a boat…in the Carribean. 

If you know of anyone who needs our help – please have them email us: webprhelp@gmail.com

If you want to know how to map out your own ideal life – buy Jen’s book and join YSN.com

If you think I’m crazy…well visit Carribean Yacht Blogger in a few years and tell me so. 🙂 


2 responses to “I Have a Dream & It Involves Blogging & a Yacht

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    I always tell my friends that this world of ours has many places where you can relax. One of these places is naturally the seas and the oceans. Yachts are perfect for individuals who have a love of speed and resilience to traverse across these passageways. For this reason the various big yachts are the perfect choice. You will find that these yachts have many different facilities, living spaces and equipment to help you with your travels. Once you have found the right type of yacht for you all that remains is to make sure that you have the various items on board. You are now ready to head off into the sunset.

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