Why Dieting and Wine Belong Together

Okay, so they probably don’t belong together, but in my world they do.  I am part of a Biggest Loser competition with my girlfriends and we actually have a trainer coordinating it and weighing us so it’s pretty official. Plus there’s $1000 in the pot for our winner.

Our trainer, Curwine.jpgtis, gave us each a packet with guidelines and helpful tips – one of which I’d like to share:

Wine:  Whether you prefer red (that’s me) or white, drinking wine has been shown to be good for heart health in certain groups of people (hopefully me.) White wine’s protection comes from tryosol and caffeic acid, which reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.  Red wine’s polyphenols appear to confer its heart benefits.  Several studies show that red wine in moderation (is that 2 or 3 glasses?) lowers homocysteine, platelet stickiness and LDL “bad” cholesterol. 

Life is good.

P.S. – moderation is actually one or two small glasses – that still rocks!


8 responses to “Why Dieting and Wine Belong Together

  1. As a recent (last 2 years) self-proclaimed wine expert, I’m always glad to read articles and posts that support my glass or two a night routine. If you like reds–let me suggest one to you from Sonoma–de Lorimier Mosaic Meritage–it is a blended wine that runs about $35 for the 2001 and about $35 for the 2002–it is EXCELLENT if you like Bordeaux style red wines.


  2. Thanks so much. I just had a Kendall Jackson Meritage that I received as a gift and it was delicious. I am a Zin and Pinot fan but I really liked it. I will try the one you suggested. Do you blog about wine? If so, please send your link.

  3. you know-I don’t but I really should–I’m constantly trying new reds–I also like Pinot Noir best–but am finding more and more blends that I love. Newton’s Claret–also excellent–it is under $20. Of course my favorite is Opus One–but it runs $150–so it is not a regular feature at my house (or ever for that matter) 🙂

  4. I haven’t tried that one–but I will now and report back–and ya know, I may actually have to start one–if I do–you will get all the credit. 🙂

  5. I am keeping your information handy because I may need help later in the year. I am finishing up my first book (not about wine) and am going to self-publish it first (I think) and will likely need a tremendous amount of help with a blog for the book itself.

    Plus–wine blogging may be soon too–Thanks for the offer and I’ll definitely let you know.


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