Need a Tax Break?

I have been working with Habitat for Humanity for going on 5 years and it’s terrific.  Not only does it feel very rewarding when a build day is done, but they also have lots of ways for us to get some tax breaks including purchasing items at their home improvement stores, donating and now the Cars for Homes program. 

Let’s face it, it’s tax time and it sucks.  So think about what youcfh-120x60-web-tile.gif can do now, today, this year, to help ease your pain next year.

Donate automobiles to help Habitat for Humanity build homes. Your car donation can help a family build a house, and the hope of a better life! Car, truck, boat or RV donations help Habitat for Humanity build houses in partnership with families in need of decent, affordable shelter. Donate a car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle to Habitat’s Cars for Homes™ vehicle donation program by calling 1-877-277-4344 or visiting


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