Vamos a la Playa!

pacifico.gifIt’s that time of year when all us small biz owners have visions of white sandy beaches on our minds.  Every year I choose to close my business between Christmas and New Year’s, as does my husband, and we take off for a warm, tropical vacation.  The destination hasn’t really changed much – we always go somewhere around Mexicos East Cape, which is awesome.

Todeast-cape.jpgay I finalized our plans and everything is set.  I am looking forward to 8 days of warm sun, hot springs, fresh fish and cold Pacificos.  I am so grateful it seems to have slowed down lately. I may actually feel less stressed this year and not check my email as much. Although it pains me to know that now my Blackberry works down there, which I discovered last August – fortunately not until the last day of vacation.

As if there are not enough reasons to love being your own boss, my long winter escape is definitley one of the best! 


2 responses to “Vamos a la Playa!

  1. Lucky duck!! You couldn’t have picked better photographs to make the rest of us as jealous as can be. If you didn’t deserve it though, that’d be another thing, you always work so hard, so you deserve to play hard too. Enjoy! I’ll be thinking about you as I slave over my new BLOG!!

  2. Sorry, wasn’t trying to make you jealous, but hoping to inspire future entrepreneurs! The benefits change, you trade in a 401k for time off whenever you want it and health plans for sleeping in if you’re too hungover!

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