Why Can’t I Just Say No?

I have the hardest time turning down work. Either I say I can do it, then regret it; or I try to turn it down and the client wears me down till I say yes; or I say no and then find myself apologizing profusely like I am a terrible person. Geez! What kind of fool am I? I am a successful businesswoman so why can’t I simply make good business decisions, diplomatically and honestly, and feel good about it?

 Starting today I will.  I am going to make a deal with myself to be honest with clients about workload, realistic about expectations and deadlines, and never let myself get pulled into a situation I know I’ll regret. For this new deal, I have decided to make a list of dos and don’ts.


  • Be clear from the onset with new clients about what the goals are and how we intend to reach the goals
  • Set realistic goals for clients and myself
  • Be honest with myself when I have concerns about a client or project
  • Be honest with clients about their expectations
  • Create a list of long term goals for myself and identify how to get there (update this regularly)
  • Blog about why I love my job on a regular basis (it’s a great motivator!)
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Network with other publicists to share ideas
  • Ask for help when I need it
  • Promote myself – scream my successes from the virtual rooftop!


  • Take on work I don’t believe in 100%
  • Don’t work with clients who’s vision I do not share
  • Remain silent when I have concerns about a project
  • Take a job just for the money
  • Ever pitch something I don’t beleive in (this one is always in effect, but is important!)
  • Over promise and under deliver
  • Forget to double check my work – typos suck! 
  • Mislead a client ever – always be honest even when it’s bad news

Hopefully, I DO read this and I DON’T forget.


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