Back to Basics: Why is it I Love my Job Again?

Running your own business is never easy, but when asked I always say, “it’s the greatest, I’ll never bo back to a corporate gig.”  Hmmm.  Interestingly there are times I forget that I love this job and I have to step back and remind myself why I chose this career.  Here are a few reasons why I really do love my job.

Lifestyle.  I work from my home, which is close to the beach, in a community that I love.  Just walking to the post office is enjoyable. 

Great clients.  I must love my clients or I can’t be effective.  It’s important to work with people and companies I respect and feel proud of.  Working with an organization like Habitat for Humanity certainly has its rewards for me personally.

Mentoring.  The team of consultants and interns I have assembled over the years are terrific.  I love teaching the students and working with young up and coming publicists. The cool thing is that I have just as much to learn from them. Pretty cool.

Freedom.  This is a biggie.  My husband and I love to travel and being the boss allows me to take time off or work from anywhere, at any time.  I can retreive emails on my blackberrry and I always have someone back in L.A. who can cover me should I be unreachable.  It’s a bit stressful leaving town sometimes, but not impossible.   

Financial control.  I determine how much I make, how much I pay consultants and when and if I need new business.  Fortunately, I have been running a sustainable business for several years, but if I ever want to downsize or increase my workload (i.e. income) I am the one who can make that happen. 

No commute.  Oh boy do I love this part!  I hate driving during rush hour in Los Angeles and I don’t wish it upon anyone else.  For years I commuted an hour plus each way to my corporate jobs.  I now have an extra 2 hours a day to relax, spend with my husband, walk my dog, read a book or exercise.  I put less than 6,000 miles on my car each year and I am utterly peaceful after my commute up the stairs after work.

Pride.  I am so proud of the business I have built, the work I’ve done, the people who believe in my abilities and trust me to represent them, the team I’ve worked with and every successful project along the way.  I am even proud of some of my failures and how I’ve adjusted things because of them.  I have certainly learned a lot of what not to do in this business.

I’m always learning.  Every day I am challenged by my career.  Things are changing so rapidly in my field and I working very hard to keep up and stay ahead of my colleagues so that I can offer my clients the most cutting edge ideas and service. I love reading PR and Marketing books (dork!) so it’s fun for me to continue to educate myself.

I love writing.  Creative ideas come very easily to me and I always challenging myself to put them into action. One of my favorite things is writing and fortunately in PR I do a lot of that.  That’s why I like blogging and I hope to write about my own adventures traveling the world some day.

That was a great exercise for me. I remember why I love my job and if I ever forget…I’ll read this blog entry.


One response to “Back to Basics: Why is it I Love my Job Again?

  1. Ahh reality…thanks again for reminding me to love my job even when it sucks…though I’m really trying to figure out how to love my clients…since I really really don’t on some of them. Off to do some more photoshop work and contracts *sigh*

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