Business As Usual?

Just when I am feeling like my business is in trouble, I am up nights worried about how to tell clients the harsh truth; or concerned I am not going to get that other client on the Today show; or just freaked out that there are not enough hours in the day, along comes a client referral to light up my day.

When colleagues refer new business to me it is the highest complement they could possibly pay me. I am proud to say that much of my success has been based on such marketing.  Yesterday I received a call from someone who sounds completely interesting and understands what PR is and how it can help him. It seemed that we both ‘got’ each other on the phone which is a great sign.

While I am not looking for new business right now because I am down one publicist, I am excited to meet with him next week to explore our working together. I’ll make it work, what’s a few more late nights?!

This whole world of small business is truly like a roller coaster.  One day your up the next your down.  I guess that is why us entrepreneurs love it.  Thank goodness for blogs! I consider this my therapy.  It’s great to vent to whomever will listen and ponder how my rants may possibly connect or effect another person like me.  The one thing I’ve learned is that if you run a small biz, you have sleepless nights.  So maybe blogs will give us all something to do during those hours of restlessness?  Hmm, did I just come up with a great new catch phrase?  Midnight Bloggers?  I’ll give it a think.


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