Roller Coaster Week – Just Breathe

It’s been a wild ride the past 2 weeks.  I lost my only full timer, who was amazing and has moved on to new challenges, I’ve moved out of my office space and am in the middle of moving my home.  The new home is getting some much needed updates and I had hoped to be settled in my sweet new office space (the home’s den) by now, but it’s not ready yet.  I am the least patient human I know of and my husband is the opposite.  He is all about getting things done right before we move in and not rushing.  That is really hard for me!  I just want to live there and work there and get on with things.  Especially because my office is in boxes in multiple locales, which makes day-to-day operations a bit challenging.  Not to mention I have 3 interns waiting to start work with me and I keep putting them off until the office is ready.  That is tough on two levels: they want to start and I need their help. 

 So I need to remember to breathe through it.  I have to take five and let the frustration subside, remember that in just another week or so my life and work will be amazing.  I am one of those people who thrives in a home office.  It doesn’t hurt that my home office has an ocean breeze and a furry companion who hangs out by my side.  When I first began working from home, I was concerned that I would need to implement structure to stay disciplined so I worked w/ my career coach – Scott Greenberg – to develop a daily schedule.  It actually included a morning walk to Coffee Bean for exercise.  I listed anticipated distractions and how to avoid them.  It totally worked.  But ultimately, I just enjoyed the lifestyle so much that it was easy to be productive.  My favorite thing is that when my day is done I am home. No commute.  I can go walk to the beach or pour a glass of wine.  Today I plan to turn on the pre-game and enjoy the first game of the NFL season.  Now that is something to look forward to!

I realize home offices are not for everyone and believe me I am about as social as they get, but once you embrace the freedom of it, it’s awesome.  I can now peacefully coexist with all those distractions, like laundry.  I can balance it all and be productive in life and work – as long as I remember to breathe.


One response to “Roller Coaster Week – Just Breathe

  1. Yay, your blog is up! I can so relate to the post too. Since I work from home, but my “den” is actually a corner of the living room fenced with a white hearth gate that I use to keep my toddler from destroying my office…mwahahaha….if you ever have kids you can enjoy facing the new challenges that come with maintaining them and your home office, and your sanity all at once.

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