Welcome to Ledge Dancing 101

My name is Angela Moore and I am an entrepreneur.  I am the founder of Starfish P.R. (www.starfish-pr.com) a small public relations firm (which just got smaller last week when my only publicist quit) and I work with amazing clients such as Habitat for Humanity.  Like most small biz owners, I often find myself in the fetal position worrying that it’s all falling apart, I’m losing my clients, I will be in debt and I’ll never work again.  That is what I call Living on the Ledge!  This is the time I call on my friends and colleagues to talk me back in, off that ledge.  The irony is that some of my saviors are people I encouraged to become entrepreneurs and go out on their own ledge.  Ledge dancing doesn’t usually last long, but it happens and it’s real, so I decided to use this forum to talk about my experiences, share anecdotes from friends and colleagues and try to find some humor in it.  Hopefully others will chime in and we’ll all dance out there together, laughing and enjoying the thrill of it all!


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